TRI-GEAR™ Ratcheting Technology

MedTorque is excited to announce our TRI-GEAR™ Ratcheting Technology utilized on our silicone handle instruments for use in orthopedic and spine surgeries.

The revolutionary TRI-GEAR™ Ratcheting Technology is unlike any other ratcheting mechanism currently offered in the orthopedics instrument market. The patented design utilizes three gears with interlocking teeth that provide up to 20 times more tooth engagement than that of the traditional pawl-type mechanisms found on competing ratchet products.  This increased engagement reduces stress on individual teeth resulting in a more robust design.  (TRI-GEAR IFU is available for download)

TRI-GEAR™ Ratcheting Technology is available in three size configurations:

  • Micro-Mini: About the size of a fingertip, this ratchet is ideal for those applications where fine precision and control are required in a small package.
  • Ultra-Mini: The smallest ratchet available on the market, the ultra-mini size packs a punch when mated with our Petite Axial or Jeweler handles.
  • Standard: Fits any MedTorque handle from the Mini Axial up to the Large T-Handle.

Below is a sample of our offering.  Contact a MedTorque representative for more information on our standard product line or to request a catalog.

1RUM1 Trimetric FINAL

1RUM1 – Ultra-Mini Ratchet, Jeweler Handle, AO Pull Coupling

1RUM21 Trimetric FINAL

1RUM21 – Ultra-Mini Ratchet, Petite Axial Handle, AO Pull Coupling

1RM1 Trimetric FINAL

1RM1 – Ratchet, Mini Axial Handle, AO Pull Coupling

1RS5 Trimetric FINAL

1RS5 – Ratchet, Standard Axial Handle, 1/4″ SQ Coupling

1RS15 Trimetric FINAL

1RS15 – Ratchet, Slim-Standard Axial Handle, 1/4″ SQ Coupling

1RUM31 – Ratchet, Mini Agile Axial Handle, AO Coupling

1RL9 – Rachet, Large Agile Axial Handle, 3/16″ SQ Coupling

1RP4 Trimetric FINAL

1RP4 – Ratchet, Palm Axial Handle, Large Hudson Coupling

1RT24 Trimetric FINAL

1RT24 – Ratchet, Medium T-Handle, 1/4″ SQ Coupling

1RT4 Trimetric FINAL

1RT4 – Ratchet, Large T-Handle, Large Hudson Coupling


1RT33 – Ratchet, Mondo T-Handle, Large Hudson Coupling