Torque Products

MedTorque’s product line of torque-limiting drivers are preset to a nominal value specified at the time of order.  The nominal torque values can span from 5 in-lbs [1.1Nm] to 125 in-lbs [14Nm] with a standard accuracy of ±10%.  They are designed to limit the applied torque load in the clockwise direction and have an audible snap at actuation.

1TJ1 – Jeweler Torque-Limiter

1TP1 – Palm Torque-Limiter

1TS7 – Slim-Standard Axial, Short AO Coupling

1TS5 – Standard Axial Torque-Limiter

1TT15 – Mondo T-Handle Torque-Limiter

1TTL1 – Small T-Handle Torque-Limiter

1TTL2 – Medium T-Handle Torque -Limiter



1TTL3 – Large T-Handle Torque-Limiter