Silicone Handles with Fixed Couplings

MedTorque’s silicone handles with fixed quick connect couplings fit the orthopedic industry’s most common male configurations.  The couplings’ all stainless steel construction and tight tolerance manufacture ensure a secure fit.  MedTorque fixed coupling silicone handles utilize shafts that are integrally attached to the handle.  This approach reduces the potential for failure, which is common in the traditional screw-and-glue method utilized by many competing products.

Below is a sample of our offering.  Contact a MedTorque representative for more information on our standard product line or to request a catalog.


1HJ1 – Jeweler, AO Pull Coupling

1FM25 - Petite Axial with Push AO Coupling

1FM25 – Petite Axial, AO Push Coupling


1FM4 – Mini Axial, 1/4″ SQ Coupling

1FM31 – Mini Agile, AO Coupling

1FS3 - Standard Axial, Large Hudson Coupling

1FS3 – Standard Axial, Large Hudson Coupling

1FL2 – Large Agile, ZSJ Hall Coupling

1FS14 - Slim-Standard Axial Handle, 1/4" SQ

1FS14 – Slim-Standard Axial, 1/4″ SQ

1FP2 - Palm w/ ZSJ Hall Coupling

1FP2 – Palm, ZSJ Hall Coupling

1FC4 – Curette Long, 1/4″ SQ Coupling

1FT9 Trimetric FINAL

1FT9 – Short T-Handle, 1/4″ SQ Coupling

1FT3 Trimetric FINAL

1FT3 – Large T-Handle, Large Hudson Coupling


1FT31 – Mondo T-Handle, Large Hudson Coupling