Handle Components

MedTorque’s handles are designed to easily integrate the comfort and style of a silicone handle with the function of your specialized instrument.  Specify a standard MedTorque handle in your next project and be confident your timelines will be met with quality craftsmanship.

  • Select MedTorque handles can be fitted with stainless steel caps and most come cannulated as standard.
  • Mold any standard MedTorque handle in your company-specific Pantone® Matching System color.
  • Select styles allow you to easily add your logo via pad printing or embossing/debossing.

Threaded Connections on Handles

MedTorque’s handle components utilize standardized threaded geometry.  The following MedTorque design standards are utilized on most handle component configurations.  Contact your MedTorque representative for dimensions of the mating male threaded connection.

Jeweler Axial Handle

Petite Axial Handle

Mini Axial Handle

Standard Axial Handle




Slim Standard Axial

Mini / Large Agile Axial Handle

Curette Handle

Short Curette Handle

Palm Handle

Ball Handle

Small / Medium / Large T-Handle